kensie girl
The little sister brand of kensie, kensie girl is inspired from a younger more contemporary line. The kensie girl motto is “Let’s hang out and make pretty”, she loves to flip through fashion and gossip magazines, as well as search the web for her favorite fashion and celebrity looks and wish list items; then she posts them on many different social media applications so she can share her favorite looks with her friends.

The kensie girl enjoys dressing in the latest trends, but also likes to change her mind and wear a dress with tights one day and skinny jeans with a sweater the next day, but she always knows how to accessorize any outfit with the perfect earrings, scarf, belt, sneakers and/or boots to complete the look. She is feminine and pretty, colorful and comfortable. kensie Girl clothes can be soft and whimsical , yet edgy or vintage inspired, but always pretty and suitable for the girl who isn’t quite sure what mood she wants to dress in that particular day.