Harvé Benard
Harvé Benard

One of the best-known names in apparel, Harvé Benard Ltd. was founded in 1967 by Benard and Morton Holtzman. The Harvé Benard apparel collections focus on lifestyle dressing, with a strong emphasis on value, quality, and contemporary styling. The brand has a particularly loyal following among fashionable working women 25-65 from dual income households throughout North and South America.

As this consumer typically cross-shops in various classes of trade, the Harvé Benard proprietary label has a multi-tiered retail presence, from better and mid-range department and specialty stores to catalogs, depending upon product category and price point.

Harvé Benard has a cohesive “look” at retail each season which is assured through coordination of color palettes and stylistic direction among the company’s apparel divisions and multiple licensing partners. Today, Harvé Benard remains highly regarded to its loyal customers, in the industry and to leading retailers.



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