kensie logoKensie is inspired by a modern girl trying to make her way through life. Girls that change their mind, change their clothes, and change their look all the while figuring it out. She embraces the chaos and the messiness of life by knowing it will all be ok. Kensie is inspired by that girl who seems to have just thrown on a look and looks pretty awesome, like a model running through the streets of Paris, LA, or New York going from runway show to runway show.  Pretty … thrown together.

Kensie clothes are elegant yet raw. Feminine, pretty clothes to dress the mood you’re in. Kensie is a simpler kind of pretty. Kensie apparel is cute and comfortable, yet offer whimsical prints that create interest by playing with the past.

Kensie clothing dreams in color. Depending on your current mood, Kensie clothes can be subtle and sensual or bright and bold. Whether it’s a sparkling tunic for the gleaming, vintage inspired print for the nostalgic, cozy textures for the snuggly, stripes for the sassy or earthy for the free spirit, Kensie offers all the right options for any mood.


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