About Us

Bluestar Alliance LLC is a privately owned Brand Management Company.  In January 2006 the company was founded by Joseph Gabbay and Ralph Gindi. Bluestar owns, manages, and markets a portfolio of consumer brands that span across many tiers of distribution from luxury to mass market.

The firm’s investment mandate is to identify and purchase consumer brand companies where it can leverage the brand equity and expand its current categories to a broader consumer base. To facilitate the overall strategy Bluestar relies on their branding/marketing knowledge, extensive relationships with retail management, strategic partnerships and brand licensing manufacturing entities. Each brand is uniquely positioned maintaining the brand heritage and equity, considering new categories and current tiers of distribution. Bluestar Alliance’s current network of international and domestic partners offers the opportunity to take a niche brand to a visible worldwide lifestyle brand.

Since its inception, Bluestar Alliance has acquired select brands with current retail sales exceeding $1.5 billion. The current portfolio of brands manages over 200 licensees who distribute product throughout North America, Europe, Australia, South America and Asia. In addition to owning brands, Bluestar Alliance manages all the day to day business and transactions thereof.